Healing Steel drums- Dolphins Video



Here is a slideshow featuring my favorite song “Dolphins”…hope you enjoy it!

The Power of Music and Healing Steel Drums

Hi, Everyone-

Hope you’re doing well…
I wanted to say Hello and Thank You for visiting “Healing Steel Drums”! I have been getting lots of positive feedback from many of you that have listened and purchased HSD Vol. 1, and it makes me very happy-
I had no idea that this recording could be helpful in so many ways! People tell me they use it when starting their day, when falling asleep and even for a quick mental “escape from reality”- there are more and more fun and relaxing ways you can experience Healing Steel Drums” as well. The main reason for my recording this project was to help you relax and get a reprieve from everyday troubles-I’m sending you to the beach, where everything moves slower and you can breathe easier for awhile! I hope you enjoy the music, as I truly believe it has
restorative and healing power.
I hope you have a wonderful Fall season, and can revisit Summer whenever you like by listening to this recording!

All the Best to You- Todd D.

Todd Donnelly of Healing Steel Drums


Healing Steel Drums can be helpful in many ways!

I wanted to share some of the feedback I’ve received lately on the many ways that people have benefitted from “Healing Steel Drums Volume One”. It seems that there are more ways people are listening than I had realized! For instance, one person said that it helps them relax in their daily traffic doldrums. Another writer who is a parent said that they use it for getting their kids to fall asleep. They had been on a vacation in the islands and it reminded them of that wonderful time! I also heard from several people that were in poor health through extended illness or surgery that have been enjoying it. I also still find that it’s a great way to fall asleep at night or to greet a new day! Sitting on the porch at day’s end works just fine as well. However you choose to use “Healing Steel Drums”, I hope that your life is improved- Thanks for all of your positive comments!
Todd D

Happy New Year from Healing Steel Drums

Greetings, Everyone!
I hope you have been enjoying this glorious Holiday Season, and I wish you all the best in the New Year!
2010 has been an amazing year for me with the release of “Healing Steel Drums Volume One”, and the response has been phenomenal-Thanks for all of your support!
If you haven’t gotten a chance to check it out, click on the blue music player to hear song samples and order MP3 downloads.
Also click on the videos to catch a bit of “Holiday Spirit”!
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I hope your 2011 is wonderful…please stay in touch!

Todd Donnelly-Healing Steel Drums

New Holiday Steel Drum Music Video from Healing Steel Drums

Holiday Greetings to everyone!

I wanted to share my version of “Carol Of The Bells” that I recently recorded as a Holiday Bonus- Hope you enjoy it!

Don’t forget, “Healing Steel Drums Volume One” is the perfect gift for someone special…Have a Happy and Joyous Season!

Todd D.

Happy Holidays From Healing Steel Drums- New Video

Holiday Greetings to All!

Todd D

Healing Steel Drums Can be Used in Many Ways


I appreciate all of the great feedback and comments I have received on “Healing Steel Drums Volume One”- it’s nice to know that a project that required so much effort has been worthwhile!

As the Holidays draw closer, I wanted to let you know the many uses and benefits of this music. I have discovered that there are many ways that Healing Steel Drum Music can be used, such as;

Meditation, Massage Therapy, During Yoga, During Spa Treatments, While Falling asleep (works great for kids, too!), Starting your Day, Working around the house or even for a break at the Office.

There are also many other ways to feel better using my recording-maybe you can  find a new one  that you like and let me know!

Don’t forget,  “Healing Steel Drums” is a great stocking stuffer for someone special…  speaking of the Holidays, I hope you have a Blessed and Magical Holiday season!

Todd D   

Album Cover for "Healing Steel Drums Volume 1"

Healing Steel Drums is providing positive results!

Greetings, and Happy Thanksgiving!

There are many things to be Thankful for today…I’m thankful for all of your support and positve feedback about my new recording, “Healing Steel Drums Volume One”. many people have already purchased the download and the CD, and I am truly amazed by all of the great reviews!

There is also a bonus for signing up for my newsletter…a free MP3 download of my all steel drum version of “Carol of the Bells”. Just fill out the form on the right side. By the way, this music is a perfect “Stocking Stuffer” for just about anyone on your Holiday shopping list!

I will be posting some videos soon, so stay tuned…

Have a wonderful Thankgiving, and remember to always have an “Attitude of Gratitude”!

Todd D

                                               Steel Drums on the beach

“Healing Steel Drums Volume One” CDs are now available!


First of all, a big Thank You to everyone for their wonderful comments about the recording…it makes all of the hard work very worthwhile! Also, special Thanks to all of my new connections on Facebook and Twitter- feel free to add me if you haven’t yet! 

You can now order a hard copy CD of “Healing Steel Drums Volume One” as well- see the order form on the right side.

One more bonus for you- if you sign up for my Newsletter (on the right), you will recieve a free download of my Holiday recording of “Carol of The Bells” as an early Holiday present!  You also get this when you buy a copy of the download or the CD as well.

I hope you have a wonderful week, and I’ll keep in touch with more news-


Todd D              

Healing Steel Drums Back Cover

Healing Steel Drums is now Available!!

It’s Finally done- check it out!

The first six songs have surf and seagulls mixed in to transport you instantly to the beach-

The last 6 are all steel drums with no background.

This recording was done on entirely on my set of Double Second Pans, which were made in 1987 by Master Pan Builder Cliff Alexis. I have known Cliff since my College days at NIU (where he is still Artist in Residence). Cliff is truly an amazing craftsman- his fine work is evident here!

My goal in making this recording was to create songs that both relax and rejuvinate, with some classic Calypso melodies and chord changes built in. The patterns I play built some interesting overtones, which was something that just happened as I went along.

I recorded this at my home studio- Thanks to my wonderful family for putting up with me!

There will also be hard CD copies available- stay tuned for more information on how to order if you’re partial to having one.


Todd D    

Album Cover for "Healing Steel Drums Volume 1"